Eyes Forward

I always grow reflective in these dying days of the year (so much so that I can start to appear like a high-vis jacket!).  Sorry, I'll dispense with the jokes (alleged) and stick to the point.

Which is this - I'm trying not to get nostalgic, downbeat, and feel the weight of the passage of time, and instead to look forwards.

So, here we go, in my final blog of 2012, a glance towards the new year as it looms large upon us.

One of the great experiences of this year was the play, An Unnecessary Murder, and people kindly keep asking me if I'm going to write another.

Not for now is the honest answer.  I need to get back to some novel writing.  My new book is out on May 1st.  I'm told I can finally reveal the title, and so, with due fanfare...

... ta ra raa etc ...

It's to be called The Justice Mirror. 

It's another tvdetective story, the sixth in the series, featuring all the usual cast of characters. The plot centres on revenge and vengeance, those old Hall favourites, it revolves around a unique court case, and that's all I'm saying for now.

So, much of the year will be spent on promoting the new book.  There are already a few events being lined up.  I'll post them on the News and Events page -   www.thetvdetective.com/news.html  as they're confirmed so you can rush along (maybe!)

Plus, I've been commissioned to write two more tvdetective novels following on from Justice Mirror (there is no escape!), and I'm well into the planning stage for them.

And yes, yes; for you romantics out there who suffer my scribblings, and keep nagging to know, the Dan and Claire entwinement is working towards a resolution. 

I've also got quite a few teaching events booked for next year.  I want to try to improve the way I teach, particularly the key matter of plots in novels, so that too will keep me entertained.

There are also lots of careers sessions coming up.  Yet again this year, I've been touched by the number of youngsters who have thanked me for helping them into a position in the media.

It makes such a difference to young lives that the careers work is something I want to focus upon and expand.  I think it's so very important.

And then, just for completeness sake, there are the usual forlorn hopes - to drink less beer, eat less choc, do more exercise etc.

So maybe it's time to end this blog now, before I get carried away in the world of impossible dreams.

Finally, a thought for you, if I may -

Thanks for taking the time to read my scribblings, be interested in my small corner of existence and what I'm doing with it, and the very best of wishes to you for the new world of hopes and adventures that is 2013.