Flirtations of the Mind

This may come as a surprise to you, but... I've had an idea.

Actually, I quite often have ideas.  It's just that they're commonly not terribly good, so nothing much comes of them. 

But this one I like.

It's a radical piece of potential organisation and planning.  Because this idea is for the new tvdetective book after the one that's not even been published yet.

Wow! I told you it was boldly and innovatively organised.

But, before we can go any further together, as ever with ideas, we've got to go through the dating process to see if we're compatible.

At the moment it's at the very early stage.  We've spotted each other across a crowded bar.  She's being a little coy, just occasionally looking over at me and giving me a little smile.  I'm doing likewise to her.

It's such a game, a farce even, as these things often are.  We both know we're going to be spending some time together and wondering what will come of it.

Will it just be a few minutes' thing, when we quickly realise we don't have a future, and that's it? Perhaps a few hours and she'll only make for some element of a setting or sub plot?  Or maybe a few days' affair, and she'll become a fully-fledged new character?

Or will it be the big one, the real deal, and she'll grow into an entire book?

Oooh, the excitement!  There's little I love more in life than having an idea.

We've got work to do.  We've got time to spend together, so we can get to know each other better.  We've got to gaze into each other's eyes and explore what we find there.

(Because I always believe that the idea finds the author, just as much as the writer hunts down the idea.)

So who knows how it will all turn out?  But the joy is that the beautiful idea is there, and for now that's enough aplenty.  I'm enjoying the journey, without yet knowing where it's going to end.