Following the Feelings

We like to think we're advanced, thoughtful, logical creatures, who carefully ponder our way through problems.

But that can be a liability in life if we forget to follow our feelings. 

I was on my way to a book talk last week, when I saw a beautiful spectacle gathering in the western sky - 

TeiGNMouTh blog.jpg

I debated whether to stop and enjoy it - because logic told me to get to the venue, get settled and ready to do my talk, like a good professional.

So I turned off the road anyway, enjoyed the sunset, and even decided it was like being on an alien planet, watching a neighbouring world waning in the sky. 

It was a joyful moment of feeling and reflection. And when I got to the venue, instead of doing my planned talk, I veered off course. 

I mentioned the sunset, the delights of observing the world, and the running with the imagination that is the life of a writer...

... and the audience loved it. 

Because I'd diverted from cool logic and calm reason, careful preparation and planning, and spoken from the heart. 

Feelings, it's always the feelings of life that make the mark. Whether in writing, or the rest of the world. 

Feelings can guide us to a path far richer than logic could ever find. 

Feelings may whisper softly, but are there to be heard.

It's just a case of finding the courage to listen.