Fortune and Fairness

Why does the alarm always sound when you're in the middle of a really great dream? Why do footballers wear such bad suits? Why is that pair of shoes you like never available in your size? 

The world is full of questions. And the answers can make a real difference to a life. 


This is a question I came up with this week. (Yes, I know I'm weird, but bear with me.)

I'm doing an event for a bunch of a hundred highly talented state school youngsters at the end of the month. 

They're the future leaders, real achievers, and will go onto the best universities in the next couple of years. Or they should, anyway. 

Because there's a problem, a real issue they have to face first. 

They're state school kids.

Which means they won't be given hours of preparation for the admission interviews which the top universities use. Unilike many of their rivals in the private sector.

And they deserve a fair chance. Because they're great kids. And just as bright. Often brighter.

Believe me, I know. I've taught children from all sorts of schools.

So the session I'm running is to try to level the playing field a little. Just a bit. Do my own small part to make it a more even contest. 

It'll challenge the youngsters to think in ways outside of the confines of the subjects they learn at school.

Just like they'll face if they apply to the top universities, or beyond that, to some of the most prestigious employers. 

To deal with questions which don't have a right or wrong answer - like so many in life - but just require that crucial input of thought.

And the confidence to justify yourself. 

It's quite a task for the few hours the sessions will run over. 

But we can do it. We will do it.

Because I'm committed to it. And more importantly, because they're darned good. 

And most importantly... 

Because there are few crimes greater than not making the most of precious potential.