Futures and Decisions

I bought a diary for 2017 this week, and found myself flicking through its empty pages wondering what they would come to contain. 

Futures and decisions, so much a part of life, writing, and writing life.

For our characters, decisions are perhaps the most important part of a story. The choices they make and the ends they lead to - good or bad. 

And for us, ourselves. What are we but the sum of our decisions?

Before I get too profound, some uplifting news on the futures' theme. The River Exe goslings are growing beautifully, their squeaky little voices are about to break, and they're looking set for the colder months - 

GOSliNGS diary blog.JPG

(Doesn't it look like they're smiling? Excuse my hairy knee.)

Anyway, I've been toying this week with the idea of a big move in many ways. Where I would live for the coming years, and what to focus on? 

Adult crime, writing for kids, more teaching, comedy, or screenwriting. I'm hugely lucky to have so many options, but also a little trepid about what to do next. 

You know sometimes you sense life has come to a certain point? Well....

The biggest decisions are the most daunting, but also the most exciting. In our stories, they draw the readers in to the characters' dilemmas. 

And in our lives, they leave us both excited and - in truth - fearful. 

I guess it's called living, and it's the most wonderful gift.

So excuse me for now. Just like my beloved characters in everything I've ever written, I'm off to do some thinking, feeling, deciding, and most of all...

Some living.