Guarding the Garden Within

Everyone has their own sacred inner garden - the place where thoughts, ideas and creativity grow. 

And it needs guarding most jealously. 

This is my worldly garden of inspiration; my beloved River Exe. 

blog GaRDen.JPG

Like any physical garden, it has its sweetest moment of day. For me, that's dusk, when the sun sets over the bridge in a fiery display. 

But my inner garden of creativity also has its moment. And that's the early morning time. 

I tend to wake with a mind full of ideas and need to get them straight down onto paper. 

That way, I can start my day with a writing sprint, getting lots done in just a couple of hours. 

But after that, my brain starts to get tired and sullenly refuses to provide fresh ideas or any decent quality of work. 

Some things just can't be changed, so I've learned to work around that. 

I get up early to do my writing, then move on to the rest of the day's concerns. 

Some are like me, and work best early. Others are owls and do their thing late at night. 

But the point is to know when your garden is at its most inspiring, and guard that time jealously. 

It's far too beautiful and important a moment to miss.