Haircuts, Floral Displays and Business Karma

You've got to reap (reap, reap) what you sow, sang Lou Reed on the beautiful Perfect Day. 

It's a pretty thought, but does the concept of karma translate to the hard nosed world of business?

A big yes, I'd say. 

I was thinking about this because earlier in the week I saw a bike in Cambridge. 

Now that's no surprise - it's about as rare as rain in an English summer - but this was no ordinary bike. 

Isn't that wonderful? It takes the idea of a floral basket to a whole new level. 

The owner was being rewarded for her efforts with smiles wherever she rode - which was a lovely example of karma in action.

Also this week, I had a haircut (an occasion I try to make the most of, given that I'm unlikely to be experiencing it for all that much longer.)

The barber, a young man, was so talented, keen and charming, even giving me a head massage in the hot towel stage, that I left him with a good tip. 

It reminds me of the lyric again - You've got to reap what you sow...

The world of writing, which I'm so lucky to be a part of, is one of the kindest you could wish for. 

Writers just fall over themselves to help each other, which is so uplifting to see. And fundamentally writing is a business, just like any other.

And as for my experiences in Cambridge, starting up a new business, all on my own, in a new city, I've found karma everywhere. 

Treat people well, work hard for them, do a good job, and they reward you. 

Not just in the simple financial sense, but with introductions to more businesses and business people, and most importantly of all...

With their friendship.

After all, business is a human art, and karma is fundamental to this extraordinary human experience that we share.