Happy Without Holidays

Everyone needs a break in life - with the exception, perhaps, of writers.

I penned a tweet this week, which drew a fair bit of reaction - "Being a writer permits no holidays - but what true writer would want one?"

I didn't mean was that we don't love a break - everyone likes to get away, enjoy a change of routine, see something new, try something different etc. All I was saying is that an author is never off duty.

On Friday, I was fortunate enough to be at a beer festival in Newton Abbot, Devon, and doing what you do at such times - drinking, chatting, snacking, chatting, drinking etc. And a splendid day out it was.

But! Half way through the afternoon - yes, ok, perhaps with my mind liberated by the joy of English ale - I had an idea for a talk I'm doing at a writers' school in the summer.

And here's a measure of how important I thought the idea was - I actually put down my glass of beer to write it all in my notebook.

(Wow! I even surprised myself with that.)

Simon beer fest.jpg

(Just to restore the balance, here's yours truly doing what he should have been doing at the festival.)

Anyway, back to the point, and all I'm saying is that an author is never off duty.

No matter where you may be, or what you might be doing, you never know when an idea can strike... whether it's for a character, a setting, a story, or whatever, those precious little thoughts can pounce when you least expect them.

And I, for one, absolutely hate wasting ideas - they're our most precious currency as writers - so down onto paper they must go before they skip away.

Finally for this musing, what does that say about this writing life, I wonder?

I suppose that it's a job like no other - not a job at all in fact, but a love thing. Writing is with us all the time, it never lets us go... and we have no problem with that whatsoever.