Division and Harmony

We hear a lot in modern life about division. But this is a story about harmony. 

I reached a big moment this week. The end of my first year at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. 

I looked back on when I joined, and thought... the excitement and nerves were hard to hide. 

And no wonder. Our old foe, The Impostor Syndrome, was in full flow. 

I'll be surrounded by some of the most brilliant people on the planet... who am I to be part of this... what can I hope to contribute?

But wow, happily I didn't need to worry. I was made so very welcome.

For those who think Cambridge might be a little on the sniffy and superior side, nothing like it. I've been lucky to meet some wonderful people. 

(And even played a little sport out the front.)

As for what I could contribute, I was fortunate there, as well.

The brilliant people I work with were grateful for some help in telling their stories, and took to my strange ways with enthusiasm. 

Above, a lecture on making videos, and below, social media (never complete without a selfie!)

So that's my brief and happy recap on some of the last year. 

But what, I hear you saying, about harmony and division? Wasn't that suppposed to be the narrative of this musing?

Ok, this is how it goes - 

The community I've been privileged to become a part of is the most diverse I've ever known. 

From age - with entrepreneurs in their twenties to seventies - and as for we coaches, I won't go into our advanced years!

From origin - all corners of the world. 

And this is where we come to the harmony...

Everyone is united by one vision. 

To do their best. To make a difference. To be a force for good. 

Whether it's the coaches, lecturers and tutors, helping the next generation on their way...

Or the entrepreneurs themselves, shaping our world of tomorrow. 

Yes, we hear a lot about division, disagreement and disunity in modern life. 

But, from my experience, the vast majority of people on this amazing planet just want to do the best they can, for themselves, their friends and family, and their world. 

And sometimes it's worth noting that harmony of humanity, the sharing of a heartbeat, and a desire to help each other along in pursuit of our hopes for tomorrow.