Here we go...

Firstly, a big thank you, to the kind people of Launceston, who made me so very welcome during my visit to give a talk at the inaugural Charles Causley festival. 

I had a great time.  I thought the festival very well organised and a brilliant idea - I wish you all success with it in future, you very much deserve it.

Secondly, a confession - on which subject, isn't it odd how this blog appears to have become my little equivalent of the confession booth?!

It's true, I'm a big football fan, and I'm now getting caught up in the World Cup excitement.  It all kicks off tomorrow, with England's first match on Sat, and my friends and I are already engaged in a heated debate about where to watch the game.  It's the usual comfort of someone's house versus the atmosphere of the pub type debate. 

Interestingly, it's about the most animated we've grown about anything in the last few months.  Big decisions require careful thought and getting right!

World Cups always make me nostalgic.  My favourite tournament was Italia 1990 - I'd just finished the finals of my degree, the weather was great, and it was a clear run of watching games, with little else to worry about.  And we made it to the semis. Fond memories!

Anyhow, good luck to England over the coming weeks.  As ever, I journey in hope, although prepared for disappointment. Let's hope that hope triumphs this time...

Finally, next week is national Crime Fiction Week.  I'm doing a few events.  If you're interested in coming along to one, there are details on the News and Events page -