Ideas for Everyone

There's something that is often said, which either makes me annoyed or amused, depending on my background mood.

When I'm teaching writing, I usually dedicate a session to social media, and how a writer can use them to help with marketing.

Blogging or Tweeting is high on the list of activities I think aspiring authors should be engaging in.  Sadly, a response that commonly comes back is "But I've got nothing interesting to say".


You want to be a writer?  Of course you've got something to say!

If you've got eyes, and an imagination (and I believe they come as standard in the department of creation known as the "human" model) then you've got something to say.

Even if you haven't been published, you can write about your battle to get your work out there.  About the ups and downs of it, how you cope with them, how you keep going.  Your hopes, your dreams, so many things.

You can write about your inspirations, your characters, your storylines, your motivations.  Your thoughts and feelings about the world and how they translate into your work.

There's a common denominator to what we're all interested in, and that's other people.  And if someone is talking passionately about something, even if you're not particularly interested in the subject, you will be in what they're saying.  Because that basic human art of engagement is built upon emotion. 

A strange example from my past -

I once interviewed some people who collected the unique identification number of electricity pylons (yes, honestly, it's true.  They walked all across the land, collecting the numbers.)  I expected it to be a dull assignment - dealing with some pretty odd folk - but it turned out to be fascinating.

Why?  Because they spoke from the heart, with feeling, and that made it fascinating.

So, shame on you if you don't think you've got something to say.  The raw material of this thing called life is the finest of inspirations, and the extraordinary supercomputer commonly knows as the brain is the greatest of tools. 

Blog on, as the saying almost goes, and do it with pride.  I, for one, will look forward to reading your thoughts.