In Touch and Odd

One of the great strengths of this new fangled online internet thing is how it can bring a writer closer to their readers. 

I love getting emails about my books, events and teaching. No matter what the content, they always tell me something. 

And one of the things they tell me loud and clear is that some of my readers are a little on the odd side. 

There's the lady who regularly berates me for how badly Dan can look after his poor dog, Rutherford. Going out at all hours and not giving him the attention he deserves. 

Then there's the man who tells me Claire is absolutely gorgeous, his fantasy woman (I'm rather fond of her myself to be honest) and that Dan should get on with settling down with her. 

But perhaps my favourite of the oddities is the reader who gets in touch every few weeks with another photo...


This is the latest picture. She likes to tour second hand bookshops and pick up copies of my novels, then let me know where they've found their way to. 

Early in my writing career, I used to wonder about the quirks of the various readers who got in touch, and what it said about me and my books. 

These days, I'm very relaxed about it. 

I just remind myself that back in 2008, when I was first published, the editor said she'd taken me on partly because I was different, a bit quirky. 

So, it seems, are my dear readers. And long may it continue.

For who amongst us wants to be ordinary?