Infinite Creativity

I'm lucky enough to have been invited to teach at the wonderful Winchester and Swanwick Writing Summer Schools again this year. 

As I've mentioned before, teaching is very much at the heart of the Hall, so I consider this a privilege and a delight. 

But! I was starting to fret how I would make a decent job of Swanwick, where the poor folk have heard my musings more than a few times before. 

I spoke to a friend about it, who said my previous sessions had worked well, and I could always fall back on them. Which was kind and comforting, but... no! 

I just wasn't happy with that idea. Not for the people who came along, and might be bored, feel let down. Not for myself and my honour, as someone who takes teaching seriously.

And certainly not in the name of writing creativity! 

For such a wonderful week, I told myself I could do better. Creativity is infinite, so I could darned well come up with some new teaching ideas. 

Creativity blog.JPG

This is one of my favourite scenes from last year's Swanwick - rehearsals for the Buskers' Night - and it just says it all about the joy and beauty of the place.

Anyway, I worried away at thoughts of how to teach this year's course for a few days, and, after a bit of the usual despair and melodrama... bingo! 

Along came a series of lovely ideas which I'm liking very much. I think they'll provide an informative, but also fun and entertaining way of teaching the course. 

And that was an example of a couple of very important lessons in writing. 

No matter what some might say, there are always new ideas waiting to be found. 

And just as importantly, never give up.

With hard work and persistence, you can find a way to the wonderful and so very rewarding world of creativity.