Keeping the Faith

If I was being English about it, January hasn't been the best. 

Being more forthright - it's been a bloody awful month. 

It started with the flu, included a foul blast of excessively boisterous food poisoning, and ends with a flu hangover; as I'm still not fully recovered.

Plus it's snowed and rained and been cold, grey and grumpy, and just generally a pain.

However! A moaning, misery-memoir style blog isn't me, so this is the point. 

Life is getting better. As it does.

Just this week, I saw a wonderful sight in a garden in Cambridge - 

FFFaith blog.JPG

The rain stopped, the sun came out, and there was colour. Colour at last in this endlessly grey month. 

Despite feeling peaky, under the weather and less than chipper (I'm so English) I've carried on working, albeit at half my usual effectiveness. 

And here's the point - 

At last, I'm feeling more human (or as good as it gets for this model.)

My pitches for work in this new self employed, going where it takes me life are paying off, and offers of employment - some quite fascinating - are coming in. 

That's one of the wonderful bonus features of this great game called life.

If you keep the faith and keep going, your luck does change, even if it can take a while. 

As the darkest hour comes just before the dawn, so the coldest months fall just before the springtime.