Kindness, Christmases, and Heart Surgery

You hear plenty in the press about social media and how trolls use it to be unpleasant. 

What you don't hear so much of is how the vast majority of people use it to be kind, warming and uplifting. 

I'll do my bit here to redress the balance a little, by saying how touched I was by everyone who got in touch to congratulate me on the publication of Justice Mirror this week. 

Every single message brought a big smile and a delightful buzz.

All the months of work, the planning, writing and editing were made real, and I felt as though it had all been appreciated. 

So publication day for me was like a series of Christmases.

First the book came out, then I received so many lovely messages of support... it was wonderful. 

And (another of the great things about being a writer...) there are more Christmases to come.

This week is the formal launch of the book, then there are more events after that. 

So, thank you one and all for your wonderful support. I'm enjoying the ride enormously. 

And let me just mention one particular Tweet, which managed to leave me touched, honoured, flattered and humbled, all at once - 

TwEEt blog.PNG

How about that?

Taking time to send a kind and thoughtful message when you're in hospital awaiting major surgery. Wow.