Lessons in Life... From Cats

I was taught a valuable life lesson by a cat this week. 

(Now that's the sort of opening line you don't get to write very often.)

In a shock move, I was in my local pub, trying to think through a problem with the teaching I was working on. 

And the answer Was Not Coming. Not At All. Not In The Slightest.

So I started getting distracted. And looking through a newspaper, and at my phone, when a cat hopped up onto the bar. 


And before you even think it, dear reader - because I know you - no, the lesson wasn't to start licking my paws, or any other part of my anatomy. 

Then the cat settled down and stared into space. Just Stared and Stared. As though it too had a problem to solve, and was going to let its mind run until the answer arrived. 

After a few minutes, the creature nodded sagely to itself and strolled contentedly off. Cat World problem, whatever it may have been, clearly sorted. 

So I followed its example. And instead of playing with phone, or reading paper, I too let my mind run. 

And lo and behold, the answer came. 

Good life lesson, that cat. For writers, thinkers, and humans everywhere. 

The feline had another lesson for me, of course. A less subtle one - 

Hanging out in pubs is good for you. 

But then, I already knew that.