Literary Parenthood

It's now just three weeks until the publication of my new book, The Dark Horizon, and I'm feeling as relaxed and calm about it as ever.

That's to say - not at all, not in the slightest, no way, no how, no chance whatsoever! It's like being a kid at Christmas, only worse.

A quick visual interlude here, because I just can't resist it (cut me some slack please). I'm all full of it fit to burst, I need to share it, even if just a little bit, so here's the first page and opening line -

Dark start.jpg

My word, I even got a shaky shot of tingly electricity taking that photo. I'm starting to worry what I'm going to be like on publication day; maybe so agitated that I'll be giving off a high charged hum like those electric strip light things.

Anyway, aside from excited ramblings and bad metaphors, the point of this blog is that I'm feeling quite abuzz, as you may have spotted.

The only analogy I can possibly think of is that it's like literary parenthood. This wonderful event which you're so looking forward to, have anticipated for so long, is coming, coming, coming and will soon be here.


It doesn't seem to matter a jot that it's my seventh time. I did wonder whether the excitement might diminish with each new book, but not a hope. It could be the first time all over again.

As ever, such an emotion sets the Hall mind wandering, wondering what it means, and I'm pleased to say it's brought me to an uplifting conclusion. Which is -

I think I'm as love with writing now as I was when I started.

And on that note... what more is there to say?

Yours, counting down the days, this excitable and childlike author.