Love and Hate Behind the Scenes

Writing is all about relationships, for me. 

Whether it's with your characters, readers, publishers, agent, libraries, bookstores or whatever, the author is at the centre of it all. 

But there's one relationship which can be a real love-hate story. And that's with your editor. 

I'm currently going through the editing process for my young adults' novel, and wow, have there been some swings in feeling. 

The lady in question, who I shall refer to as Codename B, sent me the latest edits a couple of weeks ago. Bear in mind this is after several months of us working together on the book. 

At this point, I was feeling very loving towards her for all her patience and dedication, but most of all for the excellent ways she'd spotted to improve my scribblings. 

So, I opened the email... expecting just a few more minor amendments... nothing much at all... and found... 

Almost four pages worth of new suggested edits. 

This was, what's technically termed, a not terribly good moment.

In fact, giving in to my sense of melodrama, the sun went out, the world stopped turning, an ice age enveloped the planet, and no good would ever come of anything again. 

That feeling lingered for a few days - 

Until I actually started working through the areas that B suggested. And found, to my utter irritation, and annoyance...

She was absolutely right with every single one of her (almost four pages - that's almost four pages) of damnable suggestions. 

And now that I've almost finished the offending edits, I'm feeling (1) much better and (2) back in love with Codename B again.

She's improved the book hugely, however much it's been darned hard work and a real Force Ten sea of an emotional journey. 

Perhaps that's the way with writing relationships, just as in real life. The intensity of such close and important bonds does tend to produce some dizzying highs and lows.