Loving where we live

Given the wonderful weather of late, I thought I'd share a few Hall thoughts about the delights of living in Devon and Cornwall.

For me, one of the kindest things people have said about the tvdetective series is that my love of the south west comes through loud and clear. Whether its the walks Dan and Rutherford take around Dartmoor, or on the coast, I often find myself getting a little lost in enjoying the moment (albeit in words) and have to calm and curtail myself from going on too much.

In fact, on reflection, it's quite true that writing about the south west scenery is one of my greatest joys in the books.  And the countryside here is a great asset to have for the series.

But there's even more to the region than just its good looks.  It's got great quirks and character too.

Witness this from the travel news I happened to hear on the radio last night, whilst brushing my teeth afore bed -

There's a big pile up on the M6, many vehicles involved... long tailbacks on the M25 after a crash... and on the A38 in Devon there are minor hold ups because the police have introduced a rolling roadblock after some sheep escaped onto the dual carriageway.

Now that's the way to have a jam Devon style!  And it's the kind of little curiousity which may well make its way into a future tvdetective book, and which makes the south west so very easy, and indeed delightful, to write about.

Here's to enjoying its splendour over the coming holiday weekend...