Many Many Happy Returns

You'll often hear writers talking about how much work goes into a book. 

But you may not so often hear them talking about the amazing, repeating rewards. 

Ok, so it does usually take a minimum of two years to get a novel published. And it can sometimes feel a never ending journey. 

But then comes the giddy-skippy-heady-happy joy of publication day (can you tell how much I enjoyed it?!)

And after that, you have many more delights...

laUNCH bLOg Two.jpg

Like here, the official launch of Justice Mirror - many thanks to everyone who came along for making it such a great night. 

And also that event was the first time I'd read from the book in public, which was a real thrill. All those closed eyes and imaginations at work, prompted by my words... wow. 

Following the launch, if you're lucky, an author can get booked for more talks and festivals to tell readers about the book. 

And that tends to go on for a year or more, at least until your next novel comes out. 

But even then, the memory of the old book won't fade. Because with each new novel that's published, new readers will try your backlist, and so an old book gets a new lease of life. 

And if you're very lucky, that can go on for years and years. And with this new fangled online internet ebook thing, a novel may never be out of print. 

So yes, it's a lot of work to write a book. 

But there are a lot of rewards, too.

In fact, you might say there are many, many happy returns.