Missing feet

Apologies for my absence awhile, but I've been out reporting on the snow and there's been plenty enough of it to keep me busy.

Like Dan in the tvdetective books, I don't suffer the cold well, and for the last three days my feet have been largely missing. Happily, with the aid of a very hot bath, they seem to be back - for now at least.

But it is so very cold! It feels to me even more bitter than those extraordinary two weeks at the start of January.  We did a broadcast on the north Devon coast on Wednesday, and it was so icy I could barely get the words out.  Now that is something, when it's so cold it stops me talking!

The snow has however given me an idea for a new book.  As I've mentioned before, the weather plays an important part in the tvdetective series, but now I think I can see a way to make it even more prominent, almost to become a character itself. I shall keep plotting - but only when my hands have thawed out sufficiently!

A couple more things to mention here. I'm doing a book signing on Saturday at  Waterstone's in Exeter.  It'd be a pleasure to see you if you fancy popping in.  I've also just been interviewed to within an inch of my life on the radio.  You can hear that, or find more details of the signing, on the News and Events page - www.thetvdetective.com/news.html

Bye for now, and keep warm out there - this week I set a new personal best with 7 layers of clothing, and sometimes it still didn't feel sufficient...