More talks

I've had a couple of emails asking me to expand on the notorious story of the otter.  I'd love to, but - it'd take up far too much space here, and it's spoil the element of surprise when I come to mention it in my talks.

So, sorry, but you'll have to catch one of my little ramblings some day.  Suffice to say, the tale of the otter is a testament to the ridiculous things that can happen to a person ill-advised enough to take up a career in the media, and particularly so in television!

A couple of other matters - Crime Fiction Week appears to be going well, with lots of events bubbling away.  I'd like to thank the kind people of Ottery St Mary for looking after me so well last night, I very much enjoyed my visit, thank you.

Tonight, I'm doing an event in Tavistock, if you're interested in coming along, there are more details on the News and Events page -  And yes, I suspect the otter will feature.

And lastly for this post, plans are afoot for a crime writing workshop in Exeter as part of the Oxfam Bookfest, next month.  I often get asked for advice about how to write a novel (and equally often wonder if I'm actually qualified to answer), but if you're interested, I'll give you more details as the idea comes together.