New Eyes

Prepare yourself for a shock - 

I've taken up cycling (don't laugh, I haven't fallen off too much), and it feels like I've been given a new pair of eyes. 

Wow, the world looks different on two wheels. This is a snap I took last week of Cambridge from a few miles away.



Ok, part of the reason I'm cycling is that the area, as you can see, is flat as a dish. 

But here's the real delight.

Cycling is a celebration of the slow life, and the slow life can be the good life. 

(At least, it is the way I do it. I got overtaken by a guy on a mobility scooter yesterday.)

One of the problems of the modern world is that so much speeds away so fast that we miss the simple wonders. 

This week, i enjoyed cycling through piles of autumn leaves, the smell of the countryside after the rain, and the joy of splashing through puddles. 

All because, instead of being in a car, insulated from the world, I was part of it. 

And that's precious for a writer, and - more importantly - a human. 

It gives you a sweet connection of the soul with this amazing planet of ours.

And it's been such a joy rediscovering that.