New Year thoughts

Now this is fun, something the pompous side of my nature can latch onto and enjoy - it's time for some New Year thoughts!

I'm never quite sure about making resolutions.  It seems to me that often the only point of doing so is to see how quickly they're broken.  So I don't think I'll be worrying too much about that this year.

However, I think I will adopt some - how best to put this - maybe hopeful ideals?!  That sounds rather less daunting than the strident idea of a resolution.

The first is to make the tvdetective book for 2011 as good as it can possibly be, and perhaps a little different from those that have gone before.  As I mentioned previously, I'm shaping up some ideas, plot and characters at the moment, and enjoying it very much. I get the feeling they're all coming together well and should make for an entertaining novel.  Or so I hope!

The other hopeful ideal I'd like to follow is more educational work. This year saw me doing my first bits of teaching in schools about creative writing, story telling, all that kind of thing.  It was very hard work, and to be honest, daunting - I've never counted myself particularly good with kids - but it turned out to be hugely rewarding.  So a bit more of that would be welcome.

And I think, on consideration, I'll stick with those two.  I don't want to overdo it and stretch myself too far!

I've just had a look in the diary and I'm pleased to see I've already been booked for quite a few events next year.  I'll pop them on the News and Events page of the site as they come up, if you're interested -

Finally, and most importantly for this post - my thanks for all your support with my scribblings this year, and here's wishing you a great 2011.