Philanthropy, Pound Notes and Passions

I imagine most of us would - if we had millions of pounds - give a little of our riches away to causes we care about 

But for me, philanthropy is about much more than just money. 

Which makes it open, in some form, to just about everyone. 


I had a wonderful time this week in Somerset, doing an aspiration and inspiration event for a hundred or so highly talented school students.

Above is part of a fascinating - and highly entertaining - demonstration of how magic has influenced science over the centuries. 

I was working with the students on the importance of a mix of clear, creative, and also lateral thinking as part of their university applications, job interviews, and life in general. 

An excellent question came up about how to live a good life, and do your own small part to make this amazing planet a better place. 

On the way home, I was thinking about that. 

It's a passion of mine, as you might have noticed, to try to encourage the next generations to aim high, be the best they can be, and achieve all that they can achieve. 

I'm not in a position to donate millions of pounds, but I can give some of my time. And provide a few insights into a decent career, and offer a little life experience. 

It's something I used to get irritated by when I was at the BBC - how sadly few of my colleagues did likewise on the "good works" front. 

Which is a shame, when a form of philanthropy is in the gift of most all of us fortunate enough to have been born into the relative riches of the developed world. 

Because find me a member of the human race who doesn't have a passion for, or has been a success in, some part of life. 

And there are plenty of young people who would very much appreciate - and greatly benefit - from hearing about it.

Just a few hours is all it takes. To pass on those insights.

And enjoy the warm inner glow of a very fine - perhaps the finest? - form of philanthropy.