Play time

As they say in the theatrical trade - and now, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present... an update on the play, as requested.

Sunday saw the first full run through of An Unnecessary Murder and thus an overexcited Hall, perhaps akin to a puppy out for his first walk, and with a choice of balls to run after and scents to sniff, as it were.

It's the first time I've been to a rehearsal for a few weeks - they don't need me hanging around, getting in the way - and I was hugely impressed with how the cast have done.  They've really bonded as a group, working together to carry the story along. And they've also got to know their own characters and are truly starting to feel and be them.

The interactions and exchanges felt genuine to me, and I found myself being drawn into the tale.  I started off with notebook and pen poised, looking for anything that needed work, but soon ended up just sitting back and watching and enjoying it.  That feels like a very positive sign and the passing of a significant test.

It's tricky for me to comment on how An Unnecessary Murder works as a play - as I wrote the thing, and so am more than a little close to it! - but I got the sense the director, producer and cast all believed in it and were enjoying themselves, which was plenty enough for me.

It's designed as the personal journey of a series of characters, set around a passably cunning murder mystery, and as such I think it does its job.  The rest will be up to the audience, and not so very far away that big moment now, the small matter of only a day over four weeks (gulp!)

So, this Tuesday morning finds me happily optimistic that we're going to achieve the aims we set out with - to entertain a few people and raise some money for Hospiscare. Yeah!

If you want to know more about the play, have a look at the News and Events page -    I've also posted links to a couple of articles.

Finally then, a song to go with the theme of the blog (see how well planned these apparently chaotic rambles really are?!) And how about a surprisingly modern one for me?

I think it's an excellent example of the songwriting art, a stark and powerful transportation into a certain state of mind - one which is often suffered by Dan in both the tvdetective books and the play - Robbie Williams' Come Undone.