Powering Your Productivity

I was asked a question this week, which I found very flattering - 

How come you seem to manage to get so much done?

Here's the answer, in a cryptic type way -

No, it's not by gazing at the sky, although - I suspect like all of us - I do sometimes indulge in that.

It's all to do with times of day, and which is the best for you. 

When I started writing novels, about 15 years ago now, I often struggled to find the words. 

Not good for an aspiring author. Terminal, in fact. 

But I was determined to at least get some form of a book done, so I stepped back and thought about why. 

The answer didn't take much finding. 

I was a News Correspondent for the BBC. The day started around eight, went on until after seven, and in the evening when I was trying to write...

Surprise, surprise. 

I was tired out and my sulky brain didn't want to know. 

So I tried a simple experiment, one which has had a profound and wonderful impact on life ever since.

Instead of going to bed around 10.30, and waking, groaning with the alarm...

I tried getting to sleep, and rising, much earlier.

Which meant I could begin writing soon after six in the morning, and...

Bingo! It worked an instant treat.

The words flowed, and I really enjoyed the solitary moments of thought and inspiration before the onslaught of the day.

The treasuring of my most creative time of day has been a foundation of my life ever since.

If I've got a problem to solve - for a business, in my teaching, or writing - I pretty much just roll out of bed, grab my notebook and pen...

And the answers invariably come. 

Just this week I had three questions to answer, I got up at 6.30 to work on them, and...

They were all done by 8.45. Because I was fresh and full of creativity. 

It's a simple, but highly effective trick for powering your productivity - 

Find your special time of day - whether morning, night, or whenever - and work out a way to harvest it to the max. 

In fact, as I'm writing this early in the morning, a potential slogan has just popped into mind - 

Identify - adapt - adopt

And you'll never go back.