Pride and Passion

Pride and passion - who doesn't love those joyous twins? - and I've had the delight of dancing with them for much of this week. 

I've been working with Pint of Science week, a series of talks in pubs by leading scientists, about their work. 


I've heard about everything from the tininess of DNA replication to the huge violence of the fires of the sun, with artificial intelligence, stem cells, viruses, superbugs and so much more as well.

Some might find science a turn off, but no way; not done like this. 

Because apart from the fascinating insight into the cutting edge research there was something else.

Something which has such a wonderful appeal, which goes to the core of what it means to be human, and which has universal appeal.

There was so much pride and passion. 

And wow, how it came across. 

The delight of the researchers in their subjects was a joy.

It didn't matter if you couldn't necessarily understand absolutely everything about their work. You could feel the love.

And what a feeling that is. 

On top of which, it made me realise something - 

I get just as animated when I'm teaching writing, or talking to young people about aspiring to fulfil your potential. 

Which might just be why I get invited back to schools, colleges, universities, writers' groups and businesses, time and again. 

One of the troubles with being British, in my humble view, is that it's often "not the done thing" to let your passion show. 

Well, stuff that. 

Just let it rip. 

It makes you far more human, a much better communicator, and a far more powerful ambassador for your beloved subject, whatever it may be.