For me, the most important commodity in writing is our creativity.

Without the thought, the idea, the excitement and impetus they bring, we're lost. 

But the second most important commodity is time. 

Like a microcosm of life, there's so much writing to explore. 

I'm currently working on a radio comedy pilot and enjoying it hugely. It's such a subtle and intriguing art, creating characters and scenes within the imagination of a soundscape. 

But at the same time I've got a couple of short stories to submit, a novel to edit, and teaching to prepare for the summer, which means I have to prioritise. 

And much as I love blogging (who doesn't like talking about themselves, least of all me?!), that means this week's ramble must be a short one. 

To kind of make it up, here's a wonderful picture of a River Exe sunset I snapped this week - 

Sunset blog.JPG

Now please kindly excuse me. I've got all the aforementioned entertainments to get back to, and they're nagging away, like they do. 

Writing, like the infinite playground of life...

You have to prioritise where to have your fun, to give yourself the maximum scope to explore and enjoy.