Problems, pressure and privileges

There are two ways to look at the last week in the life of this humble scribbler - 

A big pile of pressure, or an incredibly privileged position. 

Call me a hopeless optimist, but I tend to the latter. It's the usual explanation you've heard me go on about time and again in these musings. 

You get just the one life... go live it... seize the moment... explore it... all that stuff. 

This is real pressure; hungry mouths to feed, all relying on you - 


(See how I spotted the opportunity to slip in a goose picture there?!)

Anyway, what am I talking about with what's happened this week? 

In the space of seven days, I've been presented with some big life choices, a request to submit my efforts at a radio comedy series to a production company, an invitation to write a series of articles for a magazine, a new teaching weekend...

And all that on top of finishing the edits on the new novel, plus completing the first draft of the book to follow. 

Pressure? Maybe. 

A privilege? You bet. 

As I might just have mentioned before -

Life... not a rehearsal... one go at it... make the most of the talents you've been given... seize the moment etc etc. 

And just do your best. For what more can you do?