Promises, Potential and Pelicans

I keep being asked, and it's a fair question, so - 

No, it wasn't because there was anything wrong with Devon. Quite the reverse. 

I love Devon. I miss the county and the people, some of whom will always have a very special place in my heart, and I will never let go of.

And yes, I had an amazing job, and it was a great place to be a writer, and I delighted in the teaching I did at the University, and College, and with schools. 

There was nothing wrong with Devon. Far, far from it. 

This Cambridge move is down to one of the mantras you've heard me wax on about plenty. 

The fulfilling of the potential. The challenging yourself. The need to explore, innovate and learn. Whether it's in writing or whatever.

I'm at a stage of life where I've probably got the energy and creativity for another 15/20 years of making a worthwhile contribution to something, somewhere. 

So that's what it's about. A challenge to myself to do something new, in a different place. 

Can I teach, and teach well, at one of the finest universities in the world? Can I make a difference to another generation of young people? Not to mention writers?

So I've set myself a series of challenges, and I'm working through them. 


Why a trio of pelicans here? 

Well, one of my challenges is to do some work in London and get to know the city better. 

So I spent time there this week. I had a wonderful sunshine walk along the embankment, from St Paul's to Westminster. I met some people I hope to be able to work with. 

And I had lunch in St James's Park, with thoughts turning to whether I'd done the right thing in moving, because it sure is a big thing, when...

Three pelicans swam past. As they do. Just like that.

How eccentric, how English, how elegant, how uplifting, how wonderful. 

And you know how fond I am of aquatic fowl. So I took the arrival of my new pelican friends as a wink from the fates that I'd made the right move.