Quite a week

Hello again, and firstly, a big thank you to the lovely folk of Exmouth for such a kind welcome and enjoyable event last night.

I was at the wonderful St John in the Wilderness Church, talking about the tvdetective books, and had a very fine time.  It's a beatiful building, set in magnificent grounds, and with a vibrant congregation - it was a pleasure to be there and help to keep the church in such great shape.

If ever you're passing, I'd thorougly recommend a visit.

Also!  I was faced with one of the more unusual questions ever asked at an event - whether I was musical, as, apparently, I have piano fingers!  No is the honest answer, I've always loved music and at college did entertain a notion of becoming a pop star, but was only stopped by a lack of any discernable talent.

I find it hard enough writing books...

Reports from around the country tell me that national Crime Fiction Week has been a success, so thanks to everyone who took part.  I suspect, given the feedback, we'll have another one next year, and hopefully with even more events.

Finally, more news of another event for next month.  It's a crime writing workshop, to be held in Exeter on July 15th, in aid of Oxfam, as part of their Bookfest.  I'll pop the details on the News and Events page, if you're interested in coming along - www.thetvdetective.com/news.html