Real Feeling

My study is full of great memories of my writing life, and they all help make for a creative atmosphere.

But there is perhaps one thing in here which is the most important to me - 


I know it's retro, but I'd be lost without my old style stereo system and stack of vinyl (today's choice, as I write this, is Queen live.)

The records mostly come from my DJ days, many years ago, and they've always been precious to me. But they've taken on a new importance in the years since I started writing. 

Why? Well, it's because I'm one of those old bores who insist music sounds better on vinyl.

I don't think you can beat the sensation of the needle on the record, that physical contact, and what it brings to the listening experience. 

And that translates into the way I write. I've noticed I've grown more and more obsessed with feelings over the years. 

Not just the emotions inside - although they're important, of course - but external, physical feeling.

Take me somewhere new and I'll want to breathe deeply of the air, feel the breeze in my face, run my fingers along the brick or wood, taste the local ales and foods, listen to the sounds of people, their voices and accents. 

We so often overlook the simple, taken-for-granted joy of our abilities to sense the world around us. 

But if you're going to write about this wonderful thing called life, then first you have to truly appreciate it - really feel it.