Reflections of Character

When you write these book things it's inevitable that parts of yourself slip into them - but I'm continually being surprised where and how.

I haven't answered a question for a while, so for today's ramblings/musings I thought I would, and it's taken me on a pleasantly surprising tour of my personality.

The question was this - "Your love of Devon is obvious from the tvdetective books, particularly Dan's journeys into the countryside with Rutherford, but is there one walk that's your favourite above all others?"

The answer is yes, and more of that in a moment.

First, the point about reflections of character is that when I was thinking of the answer, I quickly realised that Dartmoor is my favourite destination in this wonderful county.  And then, of course, I started wondering - why?

Why not one of the fabulous walks on the dizzying coastal path?  Or over Exmoor?  Or through the countryside of the South Hams? Or the east Devon pebblebed heaths? Or so many other places...

I think the answer comes down to this - contrasts.  It's the beauty and the bleakness.

And that's where I find the reflections of my own character.  I can delight in this world, and sometimes I can find despair here. 

And that's what Dartmoor does for me.  It captures the extremes of mood, and all those in between.  On the sunshine days, it can shine.  On the darker ones it can brood.  The open spaces are full of light and joy, the valleys and woodlands clustered and claustrophobic. 

For me, Dartmoor encompasses all the moods a man, or author, could need.

So, many thanks to my correspondent for prompting the thought.  And finally then, to answer his question.

My favourite walk is to the Ted Hughes memorial, on the north of the moor, the one which Dan and Kerry take in The TV Detective.  It's partly because I actually found the thing, but mostly because of the stunning scenery the hike engenders and the sense of achievement when you actually find the memorial.

Ted hughes memorial.jpg

It's a great spot for a picnic, and well worth exploring.  If you're interested, there are plenty of directions on the web, or just see The TV Detective!

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