"Regrets... I've had a few... but then again... too few to mention..."

Fear not, I don't intend to burst into song on you.  Even via a blog, that would be a cruel and unusual punishment, as I believe the saying goes.

Today I'm thinking of regrets about writing.  Or, more accurately - regrets about not writing.

It's an issue which has come up several times in recent weeks in my chats with aspiring authors.  They very much want to start writing a book they say, but they can't find the time.

I understand the problem. Who wouldn't?  Life is busy.  There are jobs, families, friends, a whole world to attend to. 

But I still very much believe there's always time.  It's just a question of finding it. 

For those who work hard, but still yearn to write, I sometimes ask this question - do you wake up in the morning eagerly looking forward to going to work?

To which the answer is mostly no.

But if you ask - do you wish you had time today to do some writing?

That answer comes back very different.

Which tells you something...

Before I get accused of simplifying the problem, I'll let you in on what I did.  Work was hectic and demanding, as it always was, but I was desperate to try writing.  So I amended my life.

I started going to bed early and getting up before six in the morn, so I could do at least a couple of hours before I went about the day job. 

I thought it would be difficult, a chore.  But guess what I found?  I loved it so much that it was a great pleasure, and I couldn't wait to wake up every day to start writing again.

I did it as an experiment, a challenge to myself.  Just to give it a try, because I wanted to.  I never expected to be published, let alone go on the wonderful journey which it's offered me. 

And that was just over eight years ago. 

So, looking back now, I wonder how much I'd regret it each passing year if I'd never started writing. 

I think of it like this - if something is calling you so strongly, then there's surely a reason for it.  So it would be a shame, to put it very mildly indeed, not to follow the call.

Because you never know where it might lead you.  At the worst, the realisation of a passion and an ambition.  And at best...

Well then, go find out - just like I did.