Return on Investment

One of my goals on moving to Cambridge was to get to know more about business. 

I've spent most of my life in the public sector, so, in my way of trying to never stop growing, wanted to learn about the private sector world. 

It's been a pleasure doing so - and my respect for business people has only increased, with the extraordinary hard work they put in and the risks they take to follow their dreams.

But there is one big collision between my private and public sector self. Which is this - 

There's a phrase in the world of commerce that you hear a lot, because it's so important -

Return on Investment. 

It's all about finding a way to invest money which brings you even more money, and is fair enough. 

But this week - this incredible, seminal week - I was thinking about a very different form of return on investment. 

My wonderful daughter Niamh graduated, and I was there (albeit tearfully) to watch that amazing moment.

All the parents in the audience, not to mention the other family members and friends, were so very proud and puffed up, and rightly so. 

And for me, that summed up the truest of returns on investment. 

Money is all very well. 

But put in years of love and care, hope and nurturing, experience and support, and so much more, and what return do you get on it? 

A son or daugher who you know is going to thrive, change the lives around her, and make the world a better place. 

That's my idea of a true return on investment.