Second Time Around

I've been asked the same question quite a few times this week - 

How does it feel?

It's a reference to my new old book, or my old new book, which even by my standards is a weird way of putting it. 

To explain - 

A new publisher, the excellent Fahrenheit Press, kindly came along and asked to republish my back list of novels.

And first up, the start of the series, out this week...


But not just a straightforward republication. Oh no. It's taken much more work than that. 

I've tightened up and twiddled with the story a little, but perhaps most importantly it's been modernised...

Which means faxes and pagers are out, and smart phones and Twitter etc. are in. 

(How fast the world turns.)

But back to the point. How does it feel, to be republished?

Is it different from the first time? Less exciting? 

Not a bit of it. Nowhere close. 

I've still been bouncing around like a kid at Xmas, grinning in the sort of way that makes people cross the street to avoid me, and generally annoying everyone I know by burbling at them about the book.

Being published isn't a feeling to get used to. I doubt it'll ever calm down, even if I somehow manage to write a hundred books. 

And I'm really, really glad about that.

Because it's testament to an enduring passion for innovation, and creativity, and exploration, and learning, and understanding, and all that wonderful stuff...

Which is what, for me, this whole life thing is about. 


Oh, and a cheeky ps, if you'd be so kind - 

I'm not into overt selling, the buy my book (please) type stuff, but since you've taken the time to read this, and I have to eat, just in case you're interested...