Show Not Tell in Fine Style

I enjoyed a wonderful example of show not tell this week, which was a lesson not just to writers but everyone. 

Fortunate am I in being asked to give a few talks to try to inspire young people towards careers in journalism and writing. And this week I experienced one of the finest. 

Who can fail to be uplifted when they walk into a classroom and find these on the walls - 

KIngs 1.JPG

That was in front of me the whole time I did the talk. While behind me, for the youngsters to remember - 

KIngs 2.JPG

They were messages from my own heart, great companions for the talk. 

And the posters hadn't just been put up for my visit. Oh no.

Those two were part of a collection, many of which I could have cited as wonderful examples of the school ethos. And all in a show not tell style. 

For the record, it was The King's School, in Ottery St Mary. And the students and staff were all a joy to work with. 

The next time I need to set a scene in a school, I shall remember my visit and the way to show (not tell) the kind of a school it is. 

And finally for this blog, how did the talk go? 

In keeping with the spirit of this musing, I won't tell you. Allow me to show you instead - 

KIngs 3.JPG