So far so good...

It's five days since publication of Shadows of Justice, and I'm a relieved author.

So far, all is going well.  Phew!

I've given the first talks about the book.  They've got good audiences and been well received, happily, in particular when I give a reading from the book.

This is the most nerve wracking part of all.  Will the audience feel the scene?  Will they be carried along with it? Will they believe in the characters, the setting, the action? 

I'm delighted to report that so far, they have.  There has been quiet, closed eyes, imaginations at work, and plenty of signs of appreciation.  Double phew!

This is me with some of the folk who got to hear one of the first Shadows of Justice talks, the lovely ladies of the Sidmouth Probus Club. (photo by Alex Walton, courtesy of the Sidmouth Herald).

Simon at Probus sidmouth.jpg

I've also had some very warming comments on email from people who have read Shadows (that was fast going - less than four days - which I take as a compliment in itself.) 

It's such a wobbly period for a writer - the time between publication and getting the first feedback.  You know people are reading the book, but it's like a vacuum time.  You're just left in limbo, waiting to see how they'll take to it - or not.  

The first review has also appeared on Amazon.  I read it with hesitation, hopes and fears aplenty, but was delighted to find that it's been kind, too. 

A quick aside here - whatever writers may tell you about not caring about reviews is tosh.  We all say that, whilst still waiting nervously for them, and then taking them entirely to heart, however much we may insist otherwise.

(You know what writers are like.)

So, I'm a contented author, and looking forward to some more events to come.  There are details on the News and Events page, if you fancy toddling along to one you'd be most welcome.

Yours, for now, with all due relief that the culmination of several years of work is feeling appreciated.