Social and Anti Social Media

Social media is such a divisive subject. 

No one disputes it can offer a great opportunity for writers and businesses of all kinds. 

It's the first time in history they've had the chance to potentially reach millions of people directly with a message, and all for free. 

But, as ever in life, there's a but.


I've been spending a fair bit of time with social media recently - teaching it as part of the excellent Learning at Work Week, as above - and also on a blog tour for my new book. 

Something which often comes up when teaching it is the fear of online abuse. And yes, it is a hazard. 

There are some people out there, in the dark corners of the net, who seem to enjoy being unpleasant. 

My view is that they live in prisons of their own making, if that's their mindset.

However, this is the important point...

The vast majority - by which I mean 99.99999999999 and more per cent of my experiences of the online world have been positive. 

I saw it again with my blog tour last week. Almost all the people I interacted with were helpful, warm and kind.

In fact, it was a wonderful and humbling experience, to receive so much support, and so many kind words. 

It seems to me that the truth of the art of the online world is just the same as in the real world. 

Yes, there are some demons who dwell in the outer reaches. But they are so very much in the minority. 

Overall, it's quite simple -

Treat people online as you would in the real world - with courtesy and kindness - and that's exactly what you're likely to experience in return.