Socks, scarves and other follies of fashion..

I've been having trouble with my socks of late, as those lucky folk who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know.  First one of my favourite pair splits, and that on a Monday morning too - what an inauspicious start to the week! - and then I can't find a matching pair anywhere in the whole drawer.

Which all got me thinking about the broader issue of fashion, both in the tvdetective books, and the rest of my life.

The following confession will come as little surprise to anyone who knows me, and it's thus; I don't think I ever really got the hang of fashion.

I couldn't help but notice that, from the very first of the "fortunate" bunch, every one of the few girfriends I've ever had has gone about trying to amend, alter, or just entirely change the clothes I wear.  Every one!  There's a hint in there somewhere, surely...

Even my friends have, on occasions, looked me up and down, and if not said anything, then probably haven't needed to do so.   Sometimes the eyes are all that's required.

It's true I favour louder shirts and ties, but there's a reason for that.  As a man, there are only limited ways to express any form of personality, particularly in the working environment.  Gals get to choose skirts or trousers, frocks or jackets etc etc. We boys are stuck with the jacket, shirt and trousers, so any opportunity for a little indulgence I tend to take.

I'm often asked how much of Dan reflects me in the tvdetective books. Adam is a sharp and expensive dresser, and Dan admires his style whilst being unable to replicate it in just about any way.  Which I suppose provides an answer of sorts! 

I fear I just never got the hang of making clothes work.  Where my late and lovely gran could iron a shirt merely by glaring at it, I could spend 20 minutes just chasing a crease around the fabric. And as for the issue of co-ordinating colours... in my view, that's PhD standard fashion and I'm barely at GCSE, and struggling with that.

All this rambling of a couture kind was prompted by some Xmas shopping I did yesterday.  As is often the case - and curiously pleasantly! - I didn't buy anything for anyone else, but did get myself a scarf. 

It's rather colourful, a bit on the Tom Baker's Dr Who side, if you're old enough to remember that. But whatever the merits of the colouring, it's soft and comfortable and feels good on my skin, and that's largely how I tend to shop - by touch.  Maybe that explains a lot...

Final thought for this blog; my thanks to all those who've followed me on Twitter.  I'm grateful, even to the Swingers site I found had become one of my followers yesterday.  I'll take that as a compliment!

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