One of the most important things for a writer is... (and here's a clue - )





Space! (Excuse the bad joke, but you know me.)

I've enjoyed some space this week, given the bank holiday and fine weather, and it's been wonderful. I didn't try to do any actual physical writing, just a bit of walking, some sampling of beers, and wow! The dividends it paid.

I think I've just about nailed the outlines for the teaching I'm doing over summer, plus the changes needed for the young adults novel I'm working on.

And it all made me realise just how vital space is, and how hard it can be to find.

Here's a lovely example from this week, when I was out in my dear Devon countryside, and happened to chance upon two old friends enjoying space to relax and reflect -

bench and hillside.jpg

Emails and texts, Tweets and Facebook, and all that stuff can make it hard to find space in the modern world. But only by creating a gap for it, can creativity and inspiration pour in.

(It's also a handy justification for having a break.)

'Are you taking it easy there?' people ask, as I settle back in the corner of a pub with an ale. 'No,' I reply, 'I'm being creative.'

It's just another of the joys of being a writer - we can be working when it looks very much as though we're having fun.