Staying Young

I may have discovered the secret of eternal youth. 

(Quite a claim I know, but I'm in that kind of mood.)

I've had an amazing week. Firstly, talking to some 15/16 year olds at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, about raising aspirations. 


These are some of the students, and what a wonderful group, you can see it in the picture. So polite, smart, creative and full of energy, a real pleasure to work with. 

Next came a session on the secrets of success with eight schools from across Devon, Dorset and Somerset, which was an incredibly uplifting day. 

I tried a new exercise, giving groups of five a minute to address the United Nations about an issue of great importance to them.

The youngsters were 13 - 16 years old and it was a tough ask, to decide on their theme and then get orating. But it went magnificently. Such knowledge, passion and power with their words - 

Finally, it was a switch of nations to talk to some American students, from Dartmouth University, about Brexit.

And even though it was far from their home turf, they were full of smart, incisive questions and analysis. 

I've rattled on repeatedly in these musings about why I'm committed to working with young people, and encouraging them to do the best they can with their precious lives. 

But there's a wonderful, if selfish, by-product of that altruistic motivation - 

It sure does make you feel young.