Summer & book plans for next year

Regarding summer - or, in other words, was that it?

Someone told me yesterday that it was now officially the end of summer.

I'd like them to tell me when it actually began?  Perhaps I missed it?

What it all means for me, apart from getting even wetter and colder when I'm out on the road reporting, is that it's harder to get up in the morning to do some writing.

There's something about the early morning summer light which makes it much easier to rise at just after 6, my usual getting up time.  When we're in the dark and cold wells of the winter, with rain beating at the window, it's not such an appetising prospect.

However! Getting around to the point, as I eventually do, given the demands of my fine publishers, the fair folk at Accent Press, a good lie in bed is not going to be much of an option this winter.

We've just been having a discussion about what they'd like me to produce, in terms of writing, next year.  It's quite a bit, to say the least!

I won't tell you just yet, as it's all still to be finalised - and sorry for being a tease, but you know me! - although I will say this.  It promises to be a very busy year for Dan and Adam.

And that strange chap who writes about them, of course.

I'll let you know more as soon as it's all sorted.

A final thought for this tvdetective post - it's now just four days until the Judgement Book comes out.  I'm getting more excited by the day!  I never got the hang of growing up...