Sunshine and inspiration

A beautiful morning has dawned here in Exeter, which leaves me reflecting on how much easier it can be to write when the weather is kind.

The inspiration for a book, character, storyline, or just some little quirk in a novel can strike me anytime, which is why I always carry a notebook, or at least a piece of paper and a pen.  But there are also certain ways of helping to promote some thinking.

One of my favourites is a walk around the river. I'm lucky in living close to the Exe, and it's a perpetual theatre. There are swans begging bread, ducks bustling about their busy trade, the wonderful spectacle of cormorants doing their wing spread drying thing, but I'm fondest of the gang of geese.

They're so excitable. The merest hint of a bread treat prompts a cacophony of honking - to my considerable amusement, if not that of those who live near where they nest!

A fine walk in the Devon countryside can also be a powerful source of inspiration. Dartmoor is my favourite, as witnessed in the many strolls Dan and Rutherford take in the tvdetective books. If you want a recommendation for these spring days, try the walk to the Ted Hughes memorial up on the north moor, as set out in The TV Detective. It's wonderful.

Finally for this musing, a simple way of making my errant mind work is to spend some time in my study. It's a converted attic and enjoys wonderful light.  I've got a desk and chair there, but also a little sofa, upon which I spread out and try to think.

The study is home to my vinyl collection too, going back to my old DJing days and even earlier, but that's another story!

Lastly for this blog, if you fancy something to do at the weekend, don't forget the excellent Sleuths crime writing festival in Torbay. I'm doing a couple of appearances - there are more details on the News and Events page -