Sunshine Through the Clouds

We put our heart into what we do, us writers. We're not neutral producers of our work. We're a part of it. Feeling all the way, living the ups and downs.

Which can make the journey scary and tough.

You know what I'm talking about. An idea grabs you so you do some work on it, sketch it out, play with it, hone it, get it ready, then finally write it..

... and have good days and bad, when the words come happily, and when they won't come at all.

... then re-write, and re-write, and re-write, and re-write some more until it's ready for submission.

... and then wait. That horrible, dark, long and empty wait.

... almost inevitably for the rejections.

... and then pick yourself up and start again, and re-submit.

... and on the process goes, on and on.

I've just been through it. With a project I loved, put my heart into for around a year, believed in so much. And no matter how much you smile outside and pretend that rejections are just a part of the life, that they don't bother you, everyone knows the truth.

And worse, you start to get disillusioned yourself. And the doubts creep in. And you lose faith.

And you're lost in a world of clouds, where the sun will never shine again, for you and your beloved idea.

But just remember...

diamond sky.jpg

As if a sign, I took this on my beloved River Exe this week. It made me think of a diamond shining from behind a cloud.

This week, after so many months of frustration, and losing hope, I finally got a break with my project. And oh! How much it meant.

That's the way of this writing life. It's all about feelings, which means clouds are a part of it.

But keep going, keep believing, keep learning and keep trying, and one fine day, one joyful day, the sun will break through again.