Teaching the teachers

A first in the life of Hall beckons.  I've been asked to do some education work of a type I've never tried before - a case of teaching the teachers.

It's lecturing the education students at Plymouth University.  It's a great privilege to be invited, and I'm flattered.

But, as ever in life, there's a but...

It's also more than a little intimidating. 

These are keen and talented young men and women who are au fait with the ins and outs of all areas of education theory.  They spend three years learning how to be teachers, and know their stuff to degree standard.

Whereas my formal qualifications in the environs of educating add up to exactly zero.

So, as often when it comes to teaching, I find myself wrestling with the question - who am I to say what I think is the way to do it?

However, the people who run the course have been very kind, and reassuring, and so I'm going to give it a try.  As I've mentioned before, education is my passion and I'd feel it was a lost opportunity if I didn't.

All I can do is what I always try to do in life - tell it the way I see it.  I've long thought teaching should be as much as possible about fun.  So I'll show the students my little games and exercises, which hopefully will be entertaining but also instructive.

It's really the old story - hide the teaching in the disguise of some smiles.

And if I can pass on a few thoughts, or insights, or just ideas, and perhaps help to influence the trainee teachers and their precious charges in the years to come, then I shall take away with me that wonderful glow. 

The one that makes it all worthwhile, which comes from within and warms you throughout.  The one that makes so much of life worthwhile.  The one that whispers, however small your contribution may be, you made a difference.