Technology, manners and a most enjoyable rant

Adam is very dear to me in the tvdetective books.  He's often frustrating, with his uptight, moralist ways, but there's one of his views - a bugbear in fact - with which I very much agree.

It's the issue of manners, and particularly regarding new (ish) technology. 

I mention it because I was on an outside broadcast last night, and was sitting in a bar, having a coffee (yes, I do mean coffee, I don't drink when I'm working - my brain is slow enough these days without the extra addling input of alcohol) and writing what I was going to say. 

The place was quiet, with only about ten customers in there.  But of those, two were on their mobiles - and that, despite sitting with other people.

A couple of thoughts immediately occur.  Firstly, presumably they've come out to talk to the person or people they're with, so what are they doing on the phone?  Rather curious behaviour, I would say, not to mention simply rude.

And secondly - why do they need to share half their conversation with the pub, anyway?  What I overheard (it was impossible to miss, hence this blog) was so bland, dull, boring and mundane that it could surely have waited a few minutes, if not, perhaps, forever.

Now, here's a revolutionary idea!  Prepare to be shocked to the very core by its dazzling boldness.  How about... are you ready for this... showing some consideration for your fellows and taking a stroll outside to have your conversation? 

Wow, what a truly radical proposal!

It's one of Adam's little themes, how manners are struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change.  But I so very much wish they would.  How much better the world would be without the bawled semi-conversations so often inflicted upon innocent people who simply wish for a quiet drink and chat.

And on that subject - why must so many people shout into mobiles? They're not tin cans linked by bits of string.  Perhaps it's because of the noisiness of the surroundings.  In which case, going outside would surely be an even better idea, eh?

Having discussed the matter with dear Adam last night (I often chat to my characters, they're my friends and I enjoy their company), we came up with a suggestion.  How splendid it would be if the use of mobiles in pubs and restaurants could be treated in the way that smoking now is. 

That's to say - a very simple request.  Show some consideration and shift outside if you want to bawl into a phone!

Ah, that feels better.  Blogging, it's so cathartic!  The world put right and society transformed in a few lines of ranting.  Splendid!

By the way, I did raise the issue with Adam as to whether we were both in danger of becoming grumpy old men.  We decided that was a discussion best deferred...