That Beautiful Clicking Sound

I've long been a great admirer of one of life's most glorious traits - 

How something which feels like a disaster when it hits you, can turn out to be a triumph. 

It happened to me last week. I was having a chat with my editor about a problem with my young adults book which we'd been working on for ages, and just hadn't managed to solve. 

Everything I tried felt awkward, uncomfortable, didn't quite work. 

And she dropped a bombshell. That one of the fundamentals of the book might be causing the problem. 

Cue the usual melodramatic tailspin of wailing and rue from yours truly. Changing it would mean a basic re-angling and a big re-write. And could the book even work without it? 

But I went away to think about it for a couple of days, doing my usual musing tricks... 

riverrun blog.JPG

(Walking around my beloved River Exe, talking to the geese, going running, and yes, sampling a couple of beers, how did you guess?)

... and a revelation came upon me. 

Not only would the change make the book work, it would also make it a hundred per cent and more better. 

It was like a beautiful clicking noise in my mind as everything came together - and what a wonderful moment for a writer that is. 

So, next week I'm faced with a big pile of editing work. But I'm looking forward to it with a smile, because I know it's right. 

And I shall be writing away happily to the beat of that beautiful clicking sound in my mind.