The Agony of Awaiting

I'm in author's limbo, and it's not plesant.

It's that agnoising stage that writers come to know so well, when you're waiting for something important but it won't come.

I shall explain -

But before I do, with that old writing trick of keeping you in suspense, a quick photo I took by the Exe today as I tried to distract myself from the waiting time. It's a favourite walk of mine when something is on my mind; the beauty of the river and the clownery of the geese, swans and ducks, it always helps to ease any troubles.

Geese on Exe.jpg

(They know an odd looking chap when they see one, and keep a careful eye on me as you can see.)

So, back to the agony of awaiting. And it goes like this -

I've just submitted the manuscript of the new tvdetective book to my long suffering publishers, for their comments. And I'm waiting every day to hear what they think.

(For every day read - every hour... every minute...)

Will they like the plot? The new characters? The structure? The quirks? Will it be a thumbs up, down, or somewhere in the middle?

Will it sail through or will major surgery be required?

Eek, I'm getting all nervy just thinking about it.

It's such a strange time in a writer's life - handing over something you've worked on for so long, and being able to do nothing else except wait for a verdict.

I think it might be time for another walk around the river for a distraction.

Ps. the new book (no, I'm not telling you the title yet) is due out in June next year, in case you were asking. You weren't asking? Are you sure?! Not even a little bit? Right, I'm going to ask you again...